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beautiful_bangladesh_07want to visit Bangladesh? Here is some useful information about Bangladesh like – visa, cost, facility, transport, tourism place, basic language etc which can help you to make your travel smooth & comfortable.


Which is the best time to visit Bangladesh?

From August to March is the best time to visit Bangladesh.


How will you get Visa on Arrival (VOA) for Bangladesh?

VOA is available for the travelers only at Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet airports. The procedure for getting VOA is very easy. You can receive your VOA from any of the prospective booths that is open 24 hours for the visitors. In order to get VOA, you just have to provide your passport and pay the fees. You don’t need to photocopy your passport, since the booth operator will do it by themselves. The fee for VOA is about $51. When everything is okay, you will get 4 weeks visa stamp. All citizens of almost all countries can apply for VOA except India, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan and Algeria. Remember, VOA is only applicable for air travelers, not for any land borders.


What will happen if you over stay in Bangladesh?

Here in Bangladesh, overstaying is not a big matter. In most of the case immigration officers ignore this matter, so that you can easily overstay for a few days in Bangladesh. Therefore, you have to pay some fine for overstaying. You have to pay BDT 200 for per day of your overstaying for the first 15 days. After crossing this 15 day period, you have to pay BDT 500 for per day.


Do you need to take permission for Route Change?

There is no need to take any Route Change Permission from anywhere in Bangladesh. You can enter here by air and can leave by land. Of course, there was a rule for Route Change Permission, but now that is not maintained at all. So, there is nothing to worry about Route Change Permission.


What about the currency?

Taka (BDT) is the currency of Bangladesh. At present the rate of currency exchange is BDT 79.50 Taka for 1 USD.


Is there ATM booth available in Bangladesh?

Of course, there are lots of ATM booths available in Bangladesh. You will find ATM Booths in almost all big cities of Bangladesh, including Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Cox’s Bazar, Khulna, Barishal and Srimongol. Most of the ATM booths accept Master/Visa/Amex Cards. You can use ATM booths of Dutch Bangla Bank, since they accept all kinds of ATM cards. Moreover, you will get several ATM booths inside the airports.


Where do you can exchange money?

You can exchange money from the inside of airports. You will get six banks inside the airports and almost all of them are open for 24 hours. Moreover, you can exchange money from Gulshan, Motijheel, Purana Paltan, Fakirapool and many other places of the country.


What about transportation from Airport to Dhaka City?

You will find Taxi just outside of the airport to enter into the Dhaka City. The usual fare of these taxis is around 300 BDT. Some of these Taxis may demand 700-1000 BDT to take you into the Dhaka city. Also, there are some Tooktooks (local people called them CNG) available outside of the Airport’s main entrance. These CNG’s may demand 400-500 BDT.

On the other hand, if you want to visit by Bus, you have to walk around 100 meters from the airport. Then you will find the main road from where many buses are available that go to the Gulshan/Motijheel/Gulistan area. Usually, these buses will demand only 20 BDT.


How much you have to budget for hotels in Bangladesh?

Please see our hotel recommendation page to see the rate of Bangladeshi Hotels.


what are the most beautiful Tourist spots in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh in full of natural beauty & heritage. There are lot of beautiful place in Bangladesh, which can attract visitor. Cox Bazaar, Sundarban, Nilgiri, Kuakata, Ratargul, Boga Lake, Jaflong, Srimongol, Mohasthangor, Barisal, Sonargaon, Old Dhaka etc are the main tourist spots of Bangladesh


How much it will cost to hire a Guide in Bangladesh?

An English Speaking Guide can help you to make your trip easier and enjoyable. The hiring rates of Tour Guides are cheaper in Bangladesh than any other country. You may hire a guide only for USD 20-25 for a day.

Note: the fee of a tour guide may vary with the destination and duration.


What SIM card is flexible to use in Bangladesh?

Buying a SIM card in Bangladesh is an easy matter. You can choose your SIM operator from Grameen, Banglalink, Robi, Teletalk and Airtel. Almost all of them have a wide network and you can also make worldwide calls with these operators.

You may have to spend from 100 BDT to 300 BDT to buy a SIM card in Bangladesh.


What about Swimming in Dhaka?

If you love to swim and want to find a comfortable swimming pool in Dhaka, you will find it easily. The National swimming Federation pool offers the travelers many swimming facilities.

The location of National Swimming Federation Pool: Mirpur Circle-10, National Cricket Stadium, Dhaka.

Swimming Day: Tuesday-Sunday

Swimming Hour: 7 AM – 1 PM & 3 PM – 9 PM

Swimming Fee: Per Hour 250 Taka, Per Month 2000 Taka.


What about Rocket Steamer Trip?

It is a very common but popular way of traveling in Bangladesh. This Rocket Steamer Trip is hundred years old tradition. Every day many steamers go from Dhaka to Morolgonj by crossing many rivers (except Friday). Rocket Steamer Trip is the best way to watch Bangladeshi Rivers.

Journey Time & Place:

Starts at 6.30 P.M. and ends at 11 A.M. from Sadarghat River Station, Dhaka to Hularhat.

Starts at 11 A.M. and ends at 1 P.M. from Hularhat to Morolgonj.

Starts again at 2 P.M. from Morolgonj to Sadarghat River Station.


First Class Fare:

Sadarghat River Station, Dhaka – Hularhat: 2828 Taka

Sadarghat River Station, Dhaka – Morolgonj: 3388 Taka

Note: The fare is half for the single person. Each of the Cabinet has 2 beds.

Deck Class Fare:

Sadarghat River Station, Dhaka – Morolgonj: 200 Taka.

Note: You need to carry sleeping bag for this class.

Advance Ticket:

You can book your ticket in advance from Bangladesh Inland Transport Corp (BIWTC) from 2/3 days to 15/20 days before.
BIWTC Address: 5 Dilkhusha, Dhaka

Office Hour: Sunday to Thursday (9 A.M. to 5 P.M.)

Phone Number: (+880 2) 955 9779.

Note: There is no online or e-mail booking facility.

If you want 2nd class tickets, you have to call at: 739 0691.


How to hire a car in Dhaka?

You can easily hire a car from Dhaka. Usually you have to pay BDT 3000 for a day. If your trip is outside of Dhaka, then you have to pay for the driver’s food & accommodation. Polton Circle is the best place for hiring a car where you can find many rental service associations or you can contact us. We will help you to hire a car withour service fee!


How to take permission for Chittagong Hill Tract Trip?

In order to enter in Chittagong Hill Tract (Rangamati/ Bandarban), you must have permission from the authority. You can take permission from the Court Building of Chittagong. Just go to the Court Building area and find out the last building (A red building) where the Divisional Commissioners office is situated. When you will ask for permission, they will provide you a form. Fill up the form. Usually it will take half an hour and no fee is required to get permission.


How to visit Chittagong/Cox’s Bazar through bus?

The distance between Dhaka to Chittagong is about 275 K.M. Usually, it will take about 6 hours to visit in Chittagong through Bus. There are many bus services (Green Line, Shohag, Silk Line, etc.) are available. Most of the ticket counters of these bus services are at Fakirapool/Arambag. You can also buy ticket online by or


Dhaka to Chittagong Fair: BDT 900 (Air Condition) or, BDT 500 (Non Air Condition)

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Fair: BDT 1500 (Air Condition) or, BDT 700 (Non Air Condition)

Green Line:

Office: 9/2 Outer Circular Road, Rajarbag, Dhaka.

Phone: 933 9623

Shohag Paribahan:

Office: 114 Malibag, DIT Road, Dhaka.

Phone: 933 4477


Is there any Train Service to visit various cities of Bangladesh?

Yes, there are some train services to visit different cities of Bangladesh. The Train service is safe and well, rather than other transport services. The only exception is that you cannot visit the southern part of Bangladesh (Barisal, Patuakhali) by train. Here are some details of the Bangladesh Train Service:

Route: Dhaka – Chittagong.

Subarna Express       : 4.20 P.M. – 10.40 P. M. (except Friday)

Turna Express           : 11 P. M. – 6.40 A.M. (except Friday)

Mohanagar Godhuli : 3 P. M. – 10.20 P. M. (except Sunday)

Mohanagar Provati   : 7.40 A. M. – 3.15 P. M. ( No off day)


1st Class: 620 Taka

Sleeper Class: 1100 Taka

Chair: 360 Taka

Route: Dhaka – Srimongol/Sylhet

Parabat Express     : 6.40 A.M. – 11.06 A. M. (Srimongol): 1.40 P. M. (Sylhet). (Off day: Tuesday)

Joyantik Express   : 2 P. M. – 07.10 P. M. (Srimongol): 9.25 P. M. (Sylhet). (No Off day)

Upobon Express     : 10 P. M. – 3.40 A. M. (Srimongol: 5.40 A. M. (Sylhet) (Off day: Wednesday)

Route: Dhaka – Khulna

Chitra Express : 7.30 P. M. – 6.30 A. M. ( Off day: Monday)

Note: You can get advance tickets before 10 days of your arrival from Banani Rail Station (10 A. M. – 8 P. M.) & Kamalapur Railway Station (7 A. M. – 11 P. M.).


Is there any Sea trip in Bangladesh?

Yes, if you want to go for a sea trip you can take it. There is a Ferry from Chittagong to Sandwip/Hatia.

Journey Schedule: Everyday from Chittagong Sadarghat. Time: 9 A. M. (Off Day: Friday & Sunday)

Journey Time: 3 hours to reach at Sandwip and 5.5 hours to reach at Hatia.


1st Class: Around 500 Taka.

Deck Class: 90-105 Taka.

Note: You can stay one night at Hatia and take a ferry in the next morning to Dhaka.


What about Dhaka-Yangon-Dhaka or, Yangon-Dhaka-Yangon direct Flight?

You can fly between Dhaka to Yangon by Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

Journey Time: Monday & Thursday.

Departure: Dhaka (4.15 P. M.) Arrive: Yangon (6.30 P. M.)

Departure: Yangon (7.30 P. M.) Arrive: Dhaka (8.45 P. M.)

Some important Bengali Phrase that you may want to learn for your convenience:

Common Greetings: As Salamualikum.

My Name is………: Amar Nam…………

My Country is……: Amar desh…………

How are you?       : Kemon aso/asen?

I am fine               : Ami Valo asi

I am not fine         : Ami Valo nei.

How is the price   : Dam Koto/ Vara koto.

How is the bill     : Bill koto.

I do not eat meat/fist: Ami mangsho/mach khai na.

Where will you go? : Apni kothai jaben?

Where is ATM Booth? : ATM Booth kothai?

 We try to give you basic information about bangladesh for travel. If you need more info please mail us [email protected]



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