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Srimangal – Kingdom of tea

Collecting tea leaf by Tea worker

Srimangal is beautiful tour spot which is full of natural beauty. Srimangal is counted as one of the best tourist place in sylhet tourism, which surrounded by hill, forest, canal and the garden of green tea etc. There are the glorious cultures of tribal’s in srimongol. The Srimangal is famous in the world for the industry of tea. In srimangal, the hills are decorated by the flourish of green. sreemangal is also famous as the name of “duti pata, ekti kuri” (in English- two leafs in a brunch).

 Srimangal Tea garden

The beautiful tea garden will be changed your mind which is created with the working wage earners of the garden. The garden is arranged with the rows of green trees on the high and low hills. It looks like as anybody has put a green sheet in here. To protect to plans of tea from warmth of sun, many kinds of trees are standing in here. These trees are renowned as the name of Shelter trees. You can be enriched to your eyes and mind to see the sceneries of gathering the leafs of tea by tide cloth on neck & after collecting the leafs of tea, they comeback in afternoon. You can overnight at srimangal tea resort to enjoy night beauty of srimangal tea garden.

Famous 7 colours tea in srimangal
Famous 7 colors tea in srimangal

Also there are buzzwords of birds and the sound of water of the fountan. Still there are many attractive lakes in the garden. It is impossible to change your eyes from the looking of the apex of hill to the blue water of Wetlands. There is not only the beauty of nature, also the space in full of big Wetlands. Your mind will be refreshing to see the surge of blue water. The unlimited beautiful Wetlands resources and the host birds of winter season, attract the tourists. There are also the of wildlife park, Dinstone simentry, Khasia Punji (tribal village), Nirmai Shibbari, killing monument of 1971 war, lemon, pineapple & rubber garden etc.


There are many hotels in srimangal at reasonable price. So you can easily spend some day in kingdom of tea – srimangal.

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