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Come to touch the cloud in Nilgiri Bandarban!

view of nilgiri, bandorban

view of nilgiri, bandorbanWho is not intended to touch the sky and to fly in the cloud! All these are dream and it is impossible to be true. It may be impossible to touch the sky but it is possible to touch the cloud in Nilgiri!! The Nilgiri flourish with natural beauty. Height of nilgiri bandarban is about 3,200 feet from the land of sea. The Nilgiri is now a more attractive spot to visitors. The Nilgiri is about 47 kilometers from the district centre. It is needed to pass about 26 kilometers to reach Nilgiri hill from the famous Dazzling of of Bangle Chimbuk hill. On the way, all of the scenes of around are charming and enjoyable. There are many hills in the around. You can enjoy here the flourish of green. You can stay night or take rest on Nilgiri resort which is operated by Bangladesh army. Tribal dance & bar-b-q make your Night amazing in Nilgiri. It looks like another interesting moment. Are you intended to touch the cloud! So you can visit Nilgiri bandarban to enjoy the flourish of natural beauty & fulfill your dream to touch the cloud.

cloud in Nilgiri Bandarban
cloud in Nilgiri Bandarban
night view of Nilgiri tour
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