Nafakhum Waterfall


The place of Remcri of Thanchi sub-district has a Marma tract is the near of sangu river in Bandarban. In the language of Marma the word “khum” means waterfall. The walking street 3 hours from Remacri, you will reach to the beautiful waterfall which is called Nafakhum waterfall. The water of Remacri canal is flow being bend in Nafakhum from 25-30 feet high….The beautiful waterfall is created naturally! The Rainbow is playing in the sun shining regularly. In the summer of rain the water flowing of the waterfall is increased. It looks like as the Sangu river. Nafakhum waterfall is the best waterfall in Bangladesh at the site of water flowing. So if you plan to visit Bangladesh & make a bandarban tour, then don’t forget to put nafakhum waterfall on your tour plan.

full view of nafakhum waterfall, bandarban

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