MoheshKhali – The Hilly Island

MoheshKhali hill island bangladesh

MoheshKhali is the one and only hilly Island in Bangladesh. The main attraction of the place is famous Adinath Mondir (Temple) also there is an attractive pagoda. The bending stair is the may of Adinath hill and the Adinath pagoda is on the apex of Adinath hill. In south side of the Island there is sea and In west side of the Island there are various Large hills. There is no space to stay.


In mohesh Khali there are  lots of things you enjoy, like breathtaking mangrove forest, spectacular hilly areas, salt fields, peaceful beaches, colorful Buddhist temple & pagoda, shrimp, battle leaf, simple island lifestyle, rakhain villages.

You can start your journey in morning and come back in evening to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Island. It is needed about 15 minutes to reach to Mohesh Khali from Cox bazar by speed boat.

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