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About 2500 years ago an enriched country named”Pundra Nagar” or “Pundravardhana” was  established. After time being it was named as “Mahasthangarh”. In ancient time, it was the capital of Bengal. Here you can explore many things and materials which was belonged to “Maurya” ,”Gupta”, ”Pal” and “Sen” emperors.
For various reasons Mahasthangarh considers  very significant for archeological and historical interest. This place is very attractive for the wanderer and archeologist of the universe as it is a wreck ages and archeological place of the ancient city of  southern Asia. ”Garh” means a” High Place” of the word “Mohasthan”. It is higher than the usual land.Besides it reaches into a high dimension because of it’s religious views,archeological values and eventful history. People consider it as a “Mohasthan” or great place because of many ancient emperors and missionaries.

You have to move about 12 km north from the entrance of north Bengal bogra.You should go through the Bogra-Rangpur high way by any vehicles to reach the ancient city. The masses can not be able to understand the value of this place at once but the people who have the knowledge about history and custom feel them gratified by visiting the place.

History of Mahasthangarh:

The Garh was became unfortified when Laksman Sen (1082-1125) the last king of Sen Clan was the king of gauda. There was conflict between” Nol” the king of Mohasthan and his brother “Nil”.  A cursed Brahmin came in from Southern part of India  for repent. He was cursed for killing his mother by axe. After that he stopped the conflict between these two brothers and became king. His name was ‘Ram’. In history he was knowned as ‘Porsuram’. There was a saying that a war was taken place between him and spiritually strong saint Hazrat Shah Sultan Mahmud Bolkhi (R.). In this war (1205-1220) Porsuram was  losed and killed.

Spectacular Places:

Mohasthangarh is an ancient tourism spot of Bangladesh. Everyday many people come here for the reason of visiting and see the Mazar (the cemetery of holy people).

Mazar Sharif: The mazar sharif of Shah Sultan Mahmud Bolkhi (R.) is in the west of Mohastan bus stand. There is a saying that he came into “Borendro Bhumi “ by sitting on the back of a fish.That’s the reason of his title name “Mahi Sower”(man sitting on a fish). A Muslim man named “Mir Borhan” lived here. Mir Borhan cherished to have a son and for that he sacrificed a cow.That’s why porsuram sentenced him to death. The appearance of the Mahi Sowar was for help him.

Kalidah Sagar: There are the historical Kalidah Sagar and Padma debir Basvaban in the west side of the Garh.

ShilaDebir Ghat: Kartoa river is in the east side of the Garh and in it’s bank “ShilaDebir Ghat” is situated.Shiladebi was the sister of Porsuram. In every month here held a bath of Hindus.A fair also held here for one day.

JiutKundra: There is a big coupe in the west side of the ghat. People told that the wounded soldiers of the Porsuram get healed by drinking it’s water.

Museum: Many materials and statue of different Gods which was belonged to “Maurya” ,”Gupta”, ”Pal” and “Sen” emperors were explored by digging the Mohasthangarh. These things are kept into a museum which is in the north side of the Garh.

Behular Bashorghar: There are a Buddhists stagnancy situated 2 km southern west from the Mohasthangarh bus stand. People think that it was founded by “Ashoka”. It’s about 45 feet tall. In the eastern side of the stagnancy there are 24 angle prominent washroom which is like sistern. It is renowned as Bahular Basorghor.

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