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Do you know Beautiful Bangladesh?


Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty that is very much different than you have ever travelled through. It is a land of green fields, rivers, historical places and hospitable people. With its huge natural resources the country is still considered as one of the best tourist places in the world. You can explore the natural beauty of Bangladesh with us safely and properly.

Bangladesh is a peaceful, democratic and full of  natural  beauty

Bangladesh is a beautiful South Asian country that is on the bank of the Bay of Bengal. The total are of our country is 1, 47,570sq.km and the total population is about 124 million. About 98% person of Bangladesh are Bengalis and there are also living 50 other minority groups. Bengali is the first language of Bangladesh and English is used as the second and official language. About 88% people of Bangladesh are Muslim and another 20% comes from Hindu, Christian and Buddhists. It is democratic country, where the Prime Minister is the head of the government. The president is also the head of the country, but he/she is mainly elected for the ceremonial purpose.

There are seven division in Bangladesh, these are:

  • Dhaka divison
  • Chittagong division
  • Khulna division
  • Sylhet Division
  • Rajshahi division
  • Barishal dvision, and
  • Rangpur Division

Each of the division is important for their distinguish natural beauty, historical and commercial importance, casts, creeds, language and habits.

Here is some Useful Travel Information about beautiful Bangladesh

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