Golden Temple is a famous tourist place in Bandarban

Golden temple  Bangladesh
The Golden Temple is the best attractive temple of Bangladesh which is situated on the apex of hill. It is a worship place of Buddhist community. Many people of Buddhist community from home and abroad come here to pray and watch the temple. The another name of this temple is “Mohashukh Parthona Purok Buddha Dhatu Jadi“. One of the best Buddha Statues of the world, which made by the period of “Gautama Buddha” is in here.

It is also one of the best temple in South-East Asia. On the apex of hill, there is a small pond. It is called the pond of God.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Balaghata bandarban and its around from Golden temple. This temple is the modern architecture of religion.

Golden Temple Bandarban

Holy Golden Temple Bandarban

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