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Best Dhaka City Tour Package

Explore life, heritage and food of Dhaka city. We cover most of the place to visit in Dhaka in our Dhaka city tour package suggest by LonelyPlanet travel guide Like- Lalbag Fort, Ahsan Manzil etc. Taste Famous haji/Nanna Biriyani at lunch and enjoy country boat riding at buriganaga river.

Trip Duration : From 8.00 a.m-6.30 p.m
Destination : Dhakessari Temple,  Shakhari Bazar (Hindu street), Sadarghat River Terminal, Buriganga River, Ruplal House, Ship repairing yard, Ahsan Monjil (Pink Palace), Armeniun Church, Lalbag Fort, Star Mosque, Language Martyrs memorial, National parliament

Ahsan Manzil - Dhaka

Itinerary of Dhaka Tour Package:

  • 08.00 – 08.00 AM: A guide meet you at your hotel/residence to pick you up, and start driving for Dhaka City Tour immediately.
  • 08.30 – 08.45 AM: Visit outside of National Assembly Building (Parliament Building) on the way, which is one of the largest legislative building in the world, designed by the famous US architect Louis Kahn.
  • 09.15 – 09.30 AM: Visit Dhakeswari Temple – National Hindu Temple & religious center of the Hindu community in Dhaka. This is also the national Hindu temple in Bangladesh.
  • 09.40 – 09.55 AM: Walk in the  center of Hindu culture and community in Old Dhaka – Hindu Street (Shakhari Bazar). Old buildings raised in both side of the hindu street.
  • 10.10 – 10.25 AM: Take a short rickshaw ride and visit Sadarghat River Station. This is the main river port in Dhaka and one of the largest river station in South Asia.
  • 10.40 – 11.55 AM: Walk to the boat station (10 minutes) and ride a country boat at river Buriganga. This river is a live and vibrant place full of activities. You’ll see hundreds of country boats crossing people in two side of the river, small vendors selling goods on their boats, passenger and cargo ferries passing by.
  • 12.00 – 12.50 PM: Visit Ahsan Manzil (Pink Palace) – a beautiful and well-maintained palace from the colonial period which was home of the most influential family in Dhaka. This is another most popular tourist spot in Old Dhaka.
  • 01.00 – 01.35 PM: Lunch on a Famous local restaurant (Nanna/ Haji Biriyani), and walk to Lalbagh Fort.
  • 01.40 – 02.30 AM: Walk to (05 minutes) and visit Lalbagh Fort – a beautiful fort from the Mughal period, a key tourist attraction in Dhaka city.
  • 02.30 – 02.55 PM: Take a rickshaw and visit Star Mosque – a beautiful mosque fully decorated with stars
  • 03.00 – 03.20 PM: Armenian Church – an orthodox church built by Armenians in Dhaka.
  • 03.30 – 04.00 PM: Take a rickshaw and visit Shahid Minar (Language Martyrs memorial) – a monument of heroes, who secrifice their lives for Bangla Language.
  • 04.00– 04.00 PM: Get into TukTuk, and start driving toward your hotel/residence.
  • 06.00 – 06.00 PM: Drop at the hotel/residence, say good bye. End of the Old Dhaka Tour.

Dhaka city tour Price

1 Person

2 Person

3 Person

4 Person +






Inclusions of Dhaka City tour package

  • All transport by Tuk Tuk, Rickshaw, Boat and Walking.
  • English speaking guide.
  • All site entrance tickets
  • Lunch on a local famous restaurant (authentic local food)

Exclusions of Dhaka City tour package:

  • Does not include any drink, beverage, or any personal item.

Remarks on Old Dhaka Tour

  • Specialty of Bengali food is they are spicy, which is the main difference with Indian food. Khichuri (made of rice, daal, and meat) and Biriani (rice and meat cooked specially with added spice) are two of the most famous foods of Old Dhaka – specially Biriani.
  • We can take you to a western restaurant if you wish (only on a private tour) on your own expenses.
  • Only on Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdaysall of the sites will be open. Ahsan Manzil will be closed at Thursdays and opens after 03.00 pm in Fridays. Lalbagh Fort will be closed at Sundays, and opens after 02.00 pm at Mondays. Rest of the sites are open 07 days a week.
  • Ahsan Manzil and Lalbagh Fort will be closed on any government holidays. You can visit them from outside though during these days.
  • There could be incredible traffic in Dhaka some time when everything stops in every intersection. You could be stopped on the same place for a long time without even moving. Be prepared to walk a lot, and wear shoes accordingly. Traffic is little bit lighter on Fridays and Saturdays, being week-ends.
  • Pick-up time will be 9.00 am during Fridays, Saturdays, and other govt. holidays, as there would be less traffic on the streets during these days. For hotels located in the southern part of Dhaka city, pickup time will be at 9.00 am (changable upon request) for this Dhaka Tour.
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