Dhaka – Capital of Bangladesh

Night view of Dhaka City

Night view of Dhaka City

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and it is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Dhaka is situated on the bank of Buriganga River with its tradition and modern structures. Founded within the 4th century, Mega city Dhaka initial received principal standing in 1610, once the Mughals declared Dhaka as their capital and renamed it Jahangirnagar. Throughout the Mughal period, Dhaka became the chief commercial area. Now more than 180 million people live in 400 year old historical city – Dhaka.

Bangladesh Parlament

Bangladesh Parliament

Shahid Minar and Bangladesh National Parliament are symbol of modern architecture, which is situated in Dhaka. Bangladeshi is the one and only nation, who sacrifices their life for their mother tongue. ‘Shahid Minar’ is the monument of those who are killed during our Mother Language movement. On 21st February people come here to honor the hero’s of our language. UNESCO declared it as International Mother Language Day. ‘Bangladesh National Parliament’ (bangla name- Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban) is an architectural masterpiece of Bangladesh which is designed by world renowned American architect Louis I. Kahn.

Ahsan Manzil - Dhaka

Ahsan Manzil – Dhaka

There are several historical place in the city. These are mostly built during the Mughal period. Lalbagh Fort, Small Katra, Big Katra, Ahsan Manzil, Shahi Mosque, Star (Tara) mosque and Dhaka Gate are important historical place of Dhaka. During one time this architectural signs are accessible for Nawab, Landlords or the ruling class people, but now it is open for public. These structures as Lalbagh Fort and Ahsan Manzil are announced as museum by the government.


Life of Dhaka

Life of Dhaka

Lot of foreign visitors come to visit in these historical place of Dhaka. The style of this building construction is shown the architectural art of that time. You get some idea of art lover Nawab and Landlord at that time to watch this aesthetic and artistic. In the wall of construction, Time of build and history are preserved. The museum is decorated and preserved by used accessories of nawab or Landlord, weapons, utensils, photograph, history of generation and ruling period, the portrait of the king and many other stone draft of history. Pious Muslim still perform prayers in this historical mosques.

Clelebrating Mongol ShovaJatra

Clelebrating Mongol ShovaJatra

Noboborsho’ (Bangali New Year) and ‘Poush Songkranti’ are the famous and traditional celebration of Dhaka. ‘Mongal Sova jatra’ and ‘tradional concert’ of Noboborsho attract visitor very much. People of Dhaka participate in ‘Ghuri Utsob’ (festival of kite) on Pous Songkranti Day.

The capital of Bangladesh Dhaka has a unique lifestyle. Dhaka is called by “City of Mosque” and “City of Rikshaw”. Rikshaw is the main local vehicle of Dhaka. Dhaka is over populated city and full of economic activities. So Traffic Jam is very much common in here and many foreign visitors come here to enjoy traffic jam of Dhaka city. People sell different things during traffic jam in the streets.


'Bakar Khani' - A Famous historical food of Dhaka

‘Bakar Khani’ – A Famous historical food of Dhaka

‘Hajir Biriyani’, ‘Nanna Biriyani’ & ‘Bakar kahni’ are the famous food of Dhaka. You make a big mistake, if you visit Dhaka, Bangladesh without tasting this foods!

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