Golden Temple is a famous tourist place in Bandarban

Golden temple Bangladesh

The Golden Temple is the best attractive temple of Bangladesh which is situated on the apex of hill. It is a worship place of Buddhist community. Many people of Buddhist community from home and abroad come here to pray and watch the temple. The another name of this temple is …

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Come to touch the cloud in Nilgiri Bandarban!

view of nilgiri, bandorban

Who is not intended to touch the sky and to fly in the cloud! All these are dream and it is impossible to be true. It may be impossible to touch the sky but it is possible to touch the cloud in Nilgiri!! The Nilgiri flourish with natural beauty. Height …

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Nafakhum Waterfall

The place of Remcri of Thanchi sub-district has a Marma tract is the near of sangu river in Bandarban. In the language of Marma the word “khum” means waterfall. The walking street 3 hours from Remacri, you will reach to the beautiful waterfall which is called Nafakhum waterfall. The water …

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Bandarban Chittagong – The Daughter of Hill


To enjoy the beauty of flourish green and touching the cloud, you can visit to the daughter of hill, Bandarban Chittagong. There are many amazing tourist spot in bandarban, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and tribal’s culture. Among them mention places are Nilgiri, Golden Temple, Rock Drift …

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