Bandarban Chittagong – The Daughter of Hill

bandarban hill road

To enjoy the beauty of flourish green and touching the cloud, you can visit to the daughter of hill, Bandarban Chittagong. There are many amazing tourist spot in bandarban, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and tribal’s culture. Among them mention places are Nilgiri, Golden Temple, Rock Drift (Shilo Propat), Chimbuk, Shangu River, Meghla, Nilachol, Boga Lake, Nafakhum etc.

Nilgiri is the most exciting tourist spot in bandarban Chittagong. If you want to touch the cloud, you need to visit nilgiri. On the route of nilgiri, you can expend your time to enjoy Chimbuk, Nilachal &  Shilo Propat (Rock Drift) spots. Chimbuk is the one of the largest hill of Bangladesh. You can enjoy beauty of green hill from chimbuk.

You can visit Bandarban Chittagong to get wonderful experience and refresh yourself.



view of nilgiri, bandorban

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