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Mahasthangarh – Ancient Capital of Bengal

About 2500 years ago an enriched country named”Pundra Nagar” or “Pundravardhana” was  established. After time being it was named as “Mahasthangarh”. In ancient time, it was the capital of Bengal. Here you can explore many things and materials which was belonged to “Maurya” ,”Gupta”, ”Pal” and “Sen” emperors. For various reasons Mahasthangarh considers  very significant […]

Ratargul Swamp Forest

The Ratargul is one of the best fabulous place in Sylhet. It is one and only swamp forest of Bangladesh. At more than half time in a year the Ratargul is gone under water. For this reason Ratargul swamp forest is different from the other forests. In Ratargul swamp forest there are about 73 kinds of trees, about 25 […]

Srimangal – Kingdom of tea

Srimangal is beautiful tour spot which is full of natural beauty. Srimangal is counted as one of the best tourist place in sylhet tourism, which surrounded by hill, forest, canal and the garden of green tea etc. There are the glorious cultures of tribal’s in srimongol. The Srimangal is famous in the world for the […]

Nafakhum Waterfall

The place of Remcri of Thanchi sub-district has a Marma tract is the near of sangu river in Bandarban. In the language of Marma the word “khum” means waterfall. The walking street 3 hours from Remacri, you will reach to the beautiful waterfall which is called Nafakhum waterfall. The water of Remacri canal is flow […]


Bandarban Chittagong – The Daughter of Hill

To enjoy the beauty of flourish green and touching the cloud, you can visit to the daughter of hill, Bandarban Chittagong. There are many amazing tourist spot in bandarban, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and tribal’s culture. Among them mention places are Nilgiri, Golden Temple, Rock Drift (Shilo Propat), Chimbuk, Shangu River, […]

Kuakata : Place of Sunrise & Sunset

Kuakata is one of best tourist places in Bangladesh, as you can watch both the sunrise and sunset from its seashore. There is an excellent combination of many natural beauties including sandy beach, evergreen forest and blue sky. There are Buddhist temple where you can see two wells that named Kua and Kata. It is […]

The beautiful & giant Royal Bengal Tiger or the dangerous snake King Cobra live in the largest mangrove forest of the world – Sundarban

Sundarban : Home of Tiger & Nature

The world heritage sundarban is full of natural beauty & wildlife. The largest mangrove forest of the world is about 6017 square kilometer. It changes its beauty six times in a day. Sundarban change its face in morning, afternoon, evening & night. There is a chance to enjoy the sunrise & sunset from the sea […]

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